With cutting-edge technology for geotechnical investigation and analysis, JHS provides the best solutions and offers quality assurance

Detailed geotechnical investigation and evaluation provide basic yet critical date for construction plans and ensure quality and cost optimization. With its expertise,JHS offers geotechnical investigation and analysis,optimal solutions and geotechnical quality assurance to ease customer concerns from the time of investigation into the future.


Objective investigation of ground properties

JHS provides an objective evaluation to the customer after multifaceted and meticulous investigation.Utmost attention is given to evaluation quality,by always using geotechnical date obtained with the latest technology.


Accurate geotechnical evaluation based on unique analysis flow

JHS provides highly-credible geotechnical evaluation with the application of its unique analysis flow and knowhow gained through analyses of over 100,000 cases a year.

Quality Assurance

Geotechnical quality assurance gives customers peace of mind

JHS issues a “geotechnical quality assurance” to its customers,giving them a sense of security that the investigated ground will not suffer unequal setting.