Ongoing R&D efforts to support house values and a sense of security

JHS is proud of the expertise it employs to carry out geotechnical investigation and home inspection. We are constantly pushing forward with geotechnical and structural R&D and continue to offer new techniques and ideas.

Geotechnical investigation to achieve “zero” geotechnical faults

The Screw Driving Sounding test was created by improving on the well-know Swedish Weight Sounding test. This original JHS geotechnical investigation method evaluates ground properties with the precision of a boring survey at low cost and short turnaround time.

Optimal pile arrangement for solid house

JHS’s house foundation design involves the use of building load calculation and optimal geotechnical design appropriate for the load to be imposed on the foundation, with the aim of optimizing quality and cost.

Handy and helpful services utilizing JHS’s technology and knowhow

JHS offers backup services by taking advantage of the vast knowhow,technology and data from geotechnical investigations and analyses accumulated since the company’s establishment. the services include the provision of geotechnical data for many locations and assistance in various aspects of life.

Detailed land date reports

JHS provides reports to educate the public about disaster risk,based on unseen risks associated with land. These reports are useful in both disaster prevention and architectual planning.

Provision of areal geotechnical data

JHS offers geotechnical data for various locations of japan online,including seismic intensity during eathquakes, active faults and the possibility of liquefaction.