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SDS Test

ground tester

Screw Driving Sounding (SDS) Test

The SDS test is the new ground investigation method.

The SDS (Screw Driving Sounding) test is a soil classification test that can distinguish between sand and other types of soil (including cohesive soil, organic soil and volcanic cohesive soil) with a high probability.

Company Profile

Name of Company Japan Home Shield Corporation
Established 1st March 1990
Head Office Location 130-0026 Tokyo-to Sumida-ku Ryogoku 2-10-14 Ryogoku City Core 17F
Capital 6 Billon Yen (Including Capital Reserve)
First-class Registered Architectural Firm:
Registered with the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor No.64851
Registered with the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor No.64852
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism:
Registered Land Surveying Company No.(1) 36745
Main Banking Institutes Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Tokyo-Chuo Branch
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Honjo Branch
Underwriting Insurance Company Major Casualty Insurance Company
Number of Employees 373 Employees (As of the end of November 2022)
Personnel with Qualifications 1 Structural-design First-class Architect
2 Doctors of Engineering
3 Professional Engineers (Construction Sector)
1 Professional Engineer (Applied Science)
10 Associate Professional Engineers
14 First-class Architects
23 Second-class Architects
7 First-class Construction Management Engineers
5 Second-class Construction Management Engineers
24 First-class Civil Engineering Management Engineers
6 Second-class Civil Engineering Management Engineers
50 Geotechnical Evaluation Specialists
9 Associate Geotechnical Evaluation Specialists
6 Geological Survey Engineers
6 Registered Surveyors
14 Associate Registered Surveyors
140 Chiefs of Residential Land Survey
65 Ground Reinforcement Design Chief Engineers
67 Ground Reinforcement Construction Management Chief Engineers
13 Ground Reinforcement Construction Management Engineers
Description of Business Geotechnical Survey, Building Inspection, Digital Solutions and Related Business Enterprises
Group Company First Inspection Service Corporation.
JHS Engineering Corporation.
Living SAST Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Allied Research Co.,Ltd.
Technical Advisor Fujii Mamoru (Professor Emeritus at Tokai University)
Soil Design Co., Ltd.


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